Pond Installation

We don't just dig a hole......

We design a landscape theme to surround your pond and create a low maintenance mini Ecosystem that enhances the beauty of your yard and the resale value of your home.

Key Benefits

  • Beauty of the Landscape Pond
  • Restful and relaxing sounds
  • Increased Home value
  • Less time spent on Lawn Maintenance

Above is a picture of one of our ponds This is an 8'x14' pond that flows down into a 16'x21' pond with two water falls feeding the upper pond, and one water fall from the upper to the larger lower pond. Skimmers and filters are landscaped in as well as the water falls.

  Pond Maintenance

Although our ponds are relatively maintenance free, and require less maintenance time than the equivalent square footage of lawn, some people would rather not have to do it, just as some people have a lawn service.

Based on this need, we provide a pond maintenance plan for any pond, even if we didn't build it. Call us for details.

We will inspect your pond, look for any deficiencies in it's ecosystem and recommend corrections. We will then maintain your pond to keep the filters clean and the ecosystem healthy.

Key Benefits:

  • Enjoy the beauty, without any maintenance
  • Keep your investment in the pond safe
  • Landscaped Pond Improves your home resale value

Below are some pond refurbishments we have done!