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The Pond Professional is one of two Certified Professional Pond Contractor (CPPC) in the State of Georgia. We are also one of the Founders, and a Member of the International Professional Pond Contractors Association (IPPCA).

We are "The Pond Professional" of North Georgia. After 18 years in the Atlanta North Metro area, we are rapidly becoming known as one of Atlanta's premier water feature designers, installers, and consultants; From residential water gardens and koi ponds, to earthen lakes and retention ponds. We offer the leading methods, designs, equipment and experience in the industry.

Let us create an instant escape from the stress and tension of everyday life, with a beautiful pond to be enjoyed by your family and friends year round.

A well designed water feature not only has to look good; it has to function smoothly and effortlessly. Keeping maintenance to a bare minimum is a prerequisite of top-notch design and equipment. The lack of extensive maintenance is a plus to our customers that can only be appreciated by experience with other, jury rigged designs, and systems that don't even come close to the quality of our design, construction and the quality of the equipment we install.

We are a fully licensed and insured contractor with 20 years of history of reputable and reliable service.

Our Founder, Dave A. Jones has spent his lifetime building the reputation and expertise that his General Contracting firm now enjoys. Of all the jobs that his company has contracted for in the past, Dave says the one that brings home the most satisfaction is turning a plain drab yard into a "Showplace".

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